People and places of
South America

In December 2018, I took off to explore South America.I had the idea of making a book as a way of documenting my travels uniquely, a personal adventure that I could look back on for years to come.
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I visited countries such as Peru, going down to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and then over to Brazil for the carnival. I spent tonnes of hours exploring these places to get that perfect illustration, often pushing myself to the limit. Some of the illustrations are in the deep depths of Patagonia, and it was a real struggle to get there. ​​​​​​​
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The book made me realise that if you don't go out there and look at things with your own eyes, you could miss a lot. By drawing my travels, I took the time to absorb the beauties of South America.
Once I returned, I decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to try and self-publish the book. Over a month, I raised enough money to produce a small run of the books, stickers and posters.
People and places of South America
Along the way, I discovered Artivive, an Augmented reality app that enabled artists to create fun content. In exchange for more Augment reality projects, I created a tutorial for them, which you can watch and learn here.

I incorporated AR into the book and combined it with sound recordings I had made while there, so I could try and recreate the experience of being there, adding another element.
To finalise the project, I held a launch party at Yonder, a climbing centre in London. I luckily met a Peruvian man who lived in London who helped me make Empanadas and also introduced me to a Peruvian band. There was also a life-size Alpaca which we all drew. It was a spectacular event.

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